Welcome to our office! North County Internal Medicine is a medical practice comprised of Board Certified physicians specializing in disease prevention and diagnosis, health maintenance, and the acute medical treatment of adults. All physicians are proudly associated with Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside (760) 724-8411. If you require hospitalization, your physician (or covering physician) will provide medical care, and when necessary, will see that the appropriate specialists are consulted.

We have an office manager, an accounts manager, and trained office personnel to assist you. We want to make your visit as pleasant and convenient as possible. We welcome you into our family of patients.

Patient Services

North County Internal Medicine provides services for adults including, but not limited to: the management of heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, lung disease, stomach and colon disorders, geriatrics, kidney disease, vascular disease, arthritis, infections, weight control, contraception, dermatology, allergy problems, and preventive medicine. Learn more…
Office Policies

Office Policies

Each doctor within the North County Internal Medicine group has his or her own private practice. Your routinely scheduled appointments will be with your own physician. We keep openings available each working day for emergencies. If you need to be seen urgently, arrangements will be made for your care with your own physician. If your physician is unavailable, we will make arrangements for you to be seen by a covering physician. Learn more…

Testimonials From Our Patients

John LaFata M.D., FACP
The best!
Carol Herrera

Todd Wine, M.D.
Dr. Wine is a kind, caring and courteous physician who I have been seeing for over 10 years! He genuinely cares a great deal about your health and listens to your concerns with patience and warmth. If there is an issue that falls outside of his expertise, he will help you find the help you need from other resources. Wonderful physician!
Connie Bailey

Sanjana Chaturvedi, M.D.
Dr. Chaturvedi is an excellent doctor. Would spend time with me explaining her diagnosis and any treatment. Love her. Great rapport. Very understanding.